Carmans River Protection Working Group Votes Overwhelmingly to Adopt Protection Plan

On October 4, 2010 the Carmans River Protection Working Group convened to review the

consultant’s findings and recommendations. The Working Group voted 17-1-2 to forward the following recommendations to the Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County. 

The Carmans River Protection Working Group voted in majority to offer the following recommendations: 

    A. Upper Lake (Willow Lake) Remediation – 

Sonar Applications followed by dredging of the soft sediment which would require a shallow dredge of 10 feet or less. This dredge will allow for removal of the roots and will leave a hard bottom in Upper Lake. 

    B. Lower Lake (Lilly Lake) Remediation  

First step - Dredging of soft sediment – less than 10 feet.   OPTIONAL second step to apply Sonar, only if NEEDED, since sonar is less effective for Variable Leaf Milfoil – the predominate invasive plant in Lower Lake. 

C. Lake Management and “After care” of the Lakes.  

    A Management Plan should be created to plan for future monitoring and maintenance of the Lakes. The committee felt the contribution and role of hand harvesting was undervalued by the consultant.  Therefore, Lake Management techniques could include: 

    1. Suction Harvesting – called DASH (Divers Assisted Suction Harvesting). 

The committee is well aware that the depth of the lakes does not require divers; however, the device and methodology used by this        device should be explored. 

  1. 2.Hand harvesting – Members of Coalition to the Save the Lakes and other stakeholder organizations could hold yearly events under the supervision and guidance of DEC. 

See Video:

Ridding Yaphank Lakes of Invasives, with Adrienne Esposito

Working Group Formed to Research and Find Solutions to               Eradicate Invasive Species

At the December 4, 2007 Town Board meeting Councilwoman Connie Kepert introduced resolution 1128 to create the Carmans River Working Group.  The resolution passed unanimously with bi-partisan support.  The goal of this working group is to find a solution to eradicate the invasive species which have invaded both the Upper and Lower Lakes in Yaphank

“The Carmans River is on life support because of the invasive species that have invaded the river,” stated Kepert.  Much of the wildlife species that inhabit the river including the native brook trout, the American eel, songbirds, reptiles, and amphibians are in danger.   “Swift action needs to be taken to save Carmans,” said Connie Kepert.

The Working Group will consist of the following individuals and organizations; The New York State Assemblyman from the First District Marc Alessi, County Legislator from the Third District Kate Browning, Brookhaven Councilwoman Connie Kepert, one authorized designated from Brookhaven’s Division of Environmental Protection, one authorized representative from the New York State DEC, one authorized representative from Suffolk County Health Services; Suffolk County Public Works and County Planning, one authorized representative from South Yaphank Civic Association, one authorized representative from the

Yaphank Taxpayers and Civic Association, one authorized representative from four interested not for profit non governmental environmental organizations, four authorized representatives consisting of residents of the Upper and Lower Lakes of the Carmans River Community, one of which must be from the Lower Lake Community and one from the Upper Lake Community. The Town Council will appoint the Chairperson of the Working Group.