Green Homes Initiative

The average home is leaking large amounts of energy on a daily basis which means that homeowners are wasting money. With energy costs at all time highs, especially on Long Island, homeowners can not afford to waste energy. Under the Green Homes Initiative the average resident will reduce their energy costs by $1,160 a year. 


How it works:  Town certified building performance specialists are sent to the homes of residents who are interested in participating in the program.  They conduct a home performance evaluation and provide the homeowner with a report which evaluates each sector of the house, such as the boiler, windows and attic.  Finally the homeowner choses from a menu of options.  The Town provides the homeowner with a benefit assessment of up to $10,000 to increase the energy efficiency of their homes and decrease their costs.  The repayment for upgrades is structured so that the payment is slightly less than the projected energy savings.

This program helps save strapped homeowners money.  It creates green collar jobs, helping the economy, it helps the environment by reducing carbon by 130,000 tons a year, and it is a revolving fund, which will cost the taxpayer nothing. 

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Massive Turn-Out for Green Homes/Go Solar Informational Meeting
Farmingville, NY, May 3, 2010 - On Thursday, April 29, 2010 Councilmembers Connie Kepert and Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld hosted the Green Homes-Go Solar informational meeting, and Brookhaven residents enthusiastically responded. More than 600 people packed town hall’s auditorium to find out how to take advantage of the $3.2 million of the Federal Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) by participating in Brookhaven Town’s Green Homes and Go Solar Programs. The programs will give homeowners the opportunity to significantly reduce their energy and heating costs while reducing their carbon footprint.

“Tonight’s huge turnout speaks to the public’s desire for innovative programs like Green Homes and Go Solar. People want to invest in energy efficient improvements to their homes. These programs create new green collar jobs, put money back in the pockets of residents which they can spend in the local economy, and combat global warming by reducing carbon emissions by thousands of tons." stated Councilwoman Kepert.

“The federal government provided funds to the Town of Brookhaven to use for green jobs creation. Last night was the opening salvo that will inject these monies into our local economy. In addition, the Green Homes-Go Solar projects will stimulate the environmental agenda and while helping to reduce the town's carbon footprint,” stated Councilman Fiore-Rosenfeld.

"Green Homes" program will help Brookhaven residents retrofit their homes with energy efficient insulation, weather stripping, and even possible replacement of ancient boilers and drafty windows. Certified building performance specialists will be sent to the homes of residents who are selected to participate in the program. A home performance evaluation will be conducted to provide the homeowner with a menu of energy efficiency measures. The homeowner will then choose the energy saving measures to be performed up to a dollar value of $10,000.. The Town will pay approximately 70% of the cost and the homeowner will pay approximately 30% of the project cost as an interest-free benefit assessment that will be applied to their tax bill.

"Go Solar" Program helps Brookhaven residents to “close the financial gap” for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal (hot water) generation panels on the roof of a selected town resident’s home. Selections will be made via a lottery run by an independent firm. In order to qualify, homeowners must have an energy-efficient home with proof provided by a recent energy audit (with a blower door test) from a BPI (Building Performance Institute) accredited contractor.

Homeowners who take advantage of these initiatives would repay (roughly 30%) into the Town Initiative Funds so that other Brookhaven homeowners can continue to access these town programs. Annually, the homeowner's savings in reduced energy costs would be greater than the (30%) repayment amount. Eligible residences must be owner-occupied one-family single homes. In addition, a home energy audit must be conducted by a LIPA-approved energy audit (BPI) firm.

Representatives from LIPA and RELI (Renew Energy Long Island) were also on hand to discuss other energy efficient programs. For more information on these two programs, visit the town website at
www.brookhaven.org and click on the solar logo.

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