Councilwoman Connie Kepert thinks it’s important people understand how Brookhaven is creating a roadmap to the future and looking forward to the next 20+ years through “Brookhaven 2030.”  As Ms. Kepert describes it Brookhaven 2030 will shape how the Town will look, how it will function, and how it will evolve from now until the year 2030.  It’s the plan that will help determine where and how you and your children will live.

As the Town Council liaison to the Department of Planning, as well as Chairwoman of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan’s Executive Committee, Ms. Kepert has taken a leading role in this far-reaching town-wide process.

She explained the planning function of Town government impacts the way everyone is going to live more than any other function the town performs: “All the big questions we have about the future of Brookhaven, especially the important quality of life issues that must be decided on -- such as the type of jobs available to our sons and daughters; whether we provide housing opportunities for our children and seniors; the types of recreational opportunities  available; and the quality and safety of our roadways -- are answered through the  Brookhaven 2030 planning process.”

Good planning requires both a commitment to inclusion as well as courage and leadership. Within the 4th District Connie Kepert has led the effort to bring smart planning to the Town of Brookhaven not only through the comprehensive planning process but through a series of community meetings.