Longwood Road Traffic Calming

Kepert Moves to Calm Traffic Near SchoolsTown institutes major traffic calming devices along Longwood Road

    Councilwoman Connie Kepert  is proud to unveil major traffic calming mitigations that were implemented along Longwood road in Middle Island. “People speed along this corridor and it is extremelydangerous for students who have to travel or walk to school every day.Traffic calming is an issue I am very passionate about and an issue I championed for 18 years as a civic leader, so to have the ability as anelected official to make a real difference is very rewarding to me,”

said Connie Kepert.

The Town of Brookhaven has completed an evaluation of traffic conditions at the above referenced location in response to various residents, elected officials, and school district requests.  Traffic Safety completed a Roadway Study for the entire length of Longwood Road and came up with a traffic improvement plan to address the variety of school, residential, pedestrian and vehicle use of this town collector roadway.

Our evaluation included traffic volume counts, speed tabulations, accident analysis, roadway geometry review, and site distance measurements;  all in accordance with the New York State Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (M.U.T.C.D.) .  As a result of field observations, data collected and engineering judgment, the following measures have been recommenced to mitigate  the higher 85th percentile speed (the speed at which 85% of the vehicles are going below) and to increase pedestrian safety along the roadway.

1) Flashing Beacon Assemblies have been installed entering Longwood Rd from both the eastbound (CR-21) and westbound (CR-46) directions to alert motorists to the reduced speed limit of 20 mph for the school zone. Both of these devices will be supplemented with the words "SCHOOL 20 MPH" painted on the roadway.

2) Driver Feedback Devices have been installed on a mast arm over Longwood Rd facing both eastbound and westbound traffic.  The mastarm is located half way between the Longwood JHS & the H.S within the 30 mph speed zone.  It was observed in this area that vehicles were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit by over 20 mph. These devices will inform the motorist of their traveling speed between the two school zones. These units can display a vehicles traveling speed and record the information for furthur review.

3) The traffic signal at Smith Road has been rebuilt and upgraded to include a state of the art controller, pedestrian crosswalk with "WALK/DONT WALK" Signals and pushbuttons, LED (Red,yellow, green) signal heads (88% less energy costs) and new wood poles.   Sidewalk  was installed from the Longwood JHS property to the southwest corner to

guide pedestrians to the new crosswalk.  This crosswalk connects to a sidewalk project on Smith Rd that creates a contiguous pedestrian route to the Longwood Estate

4) Smith Road is scheduled to be resurfaced this month, part of this project includes resurfacing the intersection and Longwood Rd approximately 300' east and west of Smith  Rd.  As a result the intersection and Longwood Rd approaches will have new thermoplastic pavement markings installed for increased visibility and traffic safety. The crosswalk may be upgraded to include a colored material with a brick pattern for increased pedestrian safety.   The pavement marking plan for Smith Rd includes 11 foot travel lanes and a bike lane north and southbound

5) The traffic signal at the Longwood H.S. has already been upgraded to include the new development on the north side of Longwood Rd.  A marked crosswalk and additional markings will be added in the near future to direct pedestrians and vehicles across Longwood Rd.

6) All signs have been upgraded and/or maintained along the entire length of Longwood Road.

This is a comprehensive plan to address traffic safety on Longwood Rd, these improvements will be contiguously monitored to evaluate there effectiveness and additional improvements will be made as deemed necessary in the future.