Dog Park

Kepert establishes the first dog park  in Brookhaven Town

Councilwoman Connie Kepert researched best practices at dog parks throughout the United States, searched for sites, and overcame the objections of naysayers to establish the first Dog Park in Brookhaven Town.  The Dog Park is located in Middle Island, east of CR 21, and the K-Mart Shopping center.  The site has water access, benches and an obstacle course for dogs.  The site has also has 2 separate areas, for large and small dogs. 

‘Dogs were romping and their people were smiling as the Middle Island Dog Park opened on Saturday, April 26th   Both owners and dogs had a wonderful time. ‘  The Dog Park provides for dogs of all sizes and even contains a small area for puppies.  

Councilwoman Connie Kepert stated, “Dog parks serve to enhance people’s quality of life, just as ball fields and other active parks do.”   “It was great fun to watch both people and their dogs enjoy themselves at Saturday’s opening.”

Brookhaven Town has more licensed dogs than any other town in the State of New York. Four in ten Brookhaven residents own one or more dogs. Many of our residents live in pet friendly apartment or condominium complexes; these residents lack facilities to exercise their dogs.  According to Supervisor Foley Brookhaven’s newest Park is the largest Dog Park in NYS.  Town Clerk Pam Betheil also joined the fun at the opening. The Town Clerks office worked hard on developing the process needed to obtain a pooch pass.  

View Video of Dog Park opening

                Kepert works to Establish First Town Community Garden

The community garden is located on the grounds of Town Hall.  The garden consists of 5 gardens; each made up of 10’x 5’ containers filled with soil from our ecology center vegetable plants such as tomatoes, radishes, corn, peas,

broccoli, lettuces, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, and various herbs and marigolds.

“One of the great benefits of community gardens is the opportunity for residents to learn from each other.  Those involved have no particular expertise they are just enthusiastic folks interested in gardening; and today the gardens are flourishing with healthy and delicious vegetables” stated Kepert.

Because this experience has been so positive we want to encourage our local civics and community organizations to start their own community garden.  If you know of a location that you think would be ideal for such use, i.e. it has the necessary components of sun, irrigation, and is public land, the Town can help turn a underutilized and possibly blighted area into something that enhances the community and brings joy to community residents.  

We will supply the soil, compost and know how to start you off.  My office will also arrange for a master gardener to come to your location to educate your community on planning, planting and maintaining a great garden.  If you’d like to explore more on this rewarding activity visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_garden.  For more information on starting a community garden please call my office at:  631-451-6968.  

View Video of Community Garden