Red Tape Commission Cuts Through the Paperwork

Everyone hates red tape.  Especially Connie Kepert. 

During her first term in office she became aware how much time, trouble, and annoying government bureaucracy it took to make good things happen.

Ms. Kepert said, “As a person who is interested in encouraging projects which improve communities, it is frustrating to watch as needless obstacles are put in the path of good projects.  This is why I created a special commission to reduce red tape and speed things up.”” stated Councilwoman Kepert.

The purpose of the Red Tape Commission is to review current practices and procedures in the Town’s Planning and Building Departments to identify inefficiencies and reduce the time it takes to move projects through the system.

In addition to finding inefficiencies and time wasters in the current process the Commission was also tasked with identifying new, innovative ideas and thinking “outside the box.”  Members of the Red Tape Commission include: senior staff from Brookhaven’s Planning and Building Departments as well as people who deal with the process from the outside, such as former Town Supervisor John LaMura.

“I think this is a great idea,” said Mr. LaMura.  He continued, “Connie Kepert has put together this commission and inspired its leadership. One of the great frustrations I had as Town Supervisor was when good projects, with great benefit to the community, got wrapped up in red tape.” 

Ms. Kepert said, “It is my hope the ideas and new practices coming out of this commission will help streamline good projects, especially those going through land use planning, and speed approval by the Town Board.”